Expatriation: Adapting to a new country

Expatriate life partners: We help you tackle a new job market

Is your company going to relocate to Switzerland? Do you plan to transfer part of your human resources there?

Frequently, your employee’s life partner will be coming along too. He or she will have to leave a job behind and face new challenges in an unknown country and an unfamiliar job market.

In order to take the burden of worry off the shoulders of your employee, you would like to provide his or her life partner with solid assistance in making the transition to new and different circumstances.

Your assets with Oasys

Oasys provides invaluable professional and personal support for your employee’s life partner in understanding the new professional environment and making a successful transition.

Our approach and our methodology put the person fully at ease and allow him or her to integrate better in Switzerland. At Oasys, he or she will find an experienced and caring consultant who will provide close, active and ongoing support based on tried-and-true methods. We also put our many career transition facilities at the disposal of life partners.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can advise you and guide you.