The learning transition

Oasys helps you to manage your career

Oasys supports you in developing and carrying out a career plan. Whether you wish to reposition yourself, to further your career, to develop your skills or to start up your own business, Oasys understands your requirements and uses its expertise to provide you with customized advice that meets the highest standards of excellence and focuses on your individual needs.

Your goal: to identify the steps that will enable you to optimize your career path and give it added value.

Our goal: to provide you with strong support via a comprehensive approach developed by our experienced and highly qualified coaches.

Oasys hands you the keys to successful change management

  • We exchange ideas with you, understand your needs and help you to manage change.
  • We help you to draw up strategies.
  • We help you to reposition yourself, to take up a new job, to improve your team leadership skills or to develop appropriate ways of addressing the challenges and situations you face.
  • We assist you with outplacement after the termination of an employment contract.
  • We provide professional coaching that will enable you to develop your professional profile, including leadership and managerial skills.
  • We provide skills-assessment tools designed to assist you during selection or internal-development processes undertaken by your current or future employer.

Your assets with Oasys

We apply our vast store of knowledge and experience to improving and developing your professional profile. Whatever your individual situation, we provide you with customized expert solutions that will enable you to address with serenity and confidence your current career challenges and responsibilities or those you may face in the future.