Who are we?

The learning transition: Excellence in supporting career change

From oasis to Oasys

In 2007, after travelling the world in a management capacity, Jacques Bussy, who speaks English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, founded Oasys Consultants SA in Lausanne. Over the following years, he set up branches in Geneva, Neuchatel and Fribourg, Switzerland.

Jacques Bussy pairs an ambitious and enterprising personality with a constant need to create, to take pleasure in his work and to transmit his enthusiasm to others. He surrounds himself with high-calibre partners and experienced colleagues who convey his values, which are those of Oasys Consultants: excellence, caring, commitment, generosity and an ethical culture.

Oasys is like oasis without the ‘i’ but with a ‘y’ representing the crossroads and junctions that lead to new paths and career prospects: a bridge between the past and the future.

Support in managing change

Oasys Consultants provides wide-ranging and multidisciplinary outplacement, career transition, professional coaching and skills assessment services. Our team of highly qualified, accredited and experienced consultants are passionate about their work.

Oasys Consultants empowers you to take control of your future prospects via its comprehensive and highly effective approach.

Oasys Consultants responds to your needs and requirements rapidly, with both flexibility and enthusiasm.

Oasys Consultants is fully committed to helping individuals and companies manage the challenges they face in a changing environment.