Decision-making: A time-tested technique

You are about to recruit a new person or to assign new responsibilities to an employee and you want to be certain that you are making the right decision in the interest of efficiency and high-level performance.

How can you be sure of your choice? By checking that the person in question is capable of assuming such responsibilities and of meeting the challenges ahead? By ascertaining that he or she truly possesses the personal, social and managerial skills required to motivate a team and achieve ambitious objectives?

Skills assessment: An invaluable tool

A skills assessment will assist you in making the right decision, one that will bear fruit in the long term.  Our assessment techniques will enable you to gain time and especially to reach an objective decision based on specific criteria taking into account all the factors you consider of strategic importance to your company and to the position you are seeking to fill.

Your assets with Oasys

With the help of psychometric tools, case studies and role-playing exercises,  our senior consultants will methodically evaluate the personal assets of each candidate. They will check that candidates have the necessary skills to deal with a specific situation and will assess their developmental potential, whether in relation to a promotion, an internal selection process or recruitment by another company.

Our approach, which seeks to answer the right questions from the outset, includes the following stages:

  • Careful analysis of the company’s needs and specific environment
  • Clear definition of the job requirements in terms of managerial, social and personal skills
  • Case studies, role-playing and other relevant exercises
  • Assessment based on objective observations regarding predefined skills
  • Detailed report and constructive feedback to you and your company
  • Development plan

This approach will provide the candidates with an opportunity to take stock and to engage in learning and constructive development. It will often serve as the starting-point for the acquisition of new skills.