One of Oasys Swiss  added value is its partnership with Oasys France. Even if the two companies share the same vision, values and targets, the approaches and methodologies may vary due to socio-cultural, politic or economic reasons. There is nothing better than a Franco-Swiss meeting in order to take stock of the situation, to share experiences and to enrich one another.

It was the 26th of June. The consultants of Oasys Swiss and Oasys Lyon met at the Château des Comtes in Challes, in Challes-les-Eaux, for an intensive work day.

During the first part of the day, the participants explored their respective “playgrounds”: the approaches and methodologies applied within the two companies with regards to the background such as demography, level of unemployment or even targeted public.

The afternoon continued with presentations of specific individual or collective outplacement programs as well as psychometric tests used by both structures.

This first Franco-Swiss day of exchanges also brought to light the differences and similarities between both companies in their approach of the market and external communication. It permitted to discuss more about how to increase synergies and reinforce the cooperation.

Oasys & Oasys : a positive encounter promising future successes.