A wide range of services

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of our company, we have just created a leaflet presenting the wide range of our career transition services. Well-known for our outplacement expertise in Romandy, we also wish to outline the services we propose all along the career of an employee.

Our approach bears fruit on a long-term basis

More than 2’000 successful transitions over 10 years with Oasys! This shows how our global and multidisciplinary support bears it fruit. Our high qualified and certified consultants guide our candidate’s steps all along their professional reorientation to give them the opportunity to bounce in a sustainable manner and in accordance with their aspirations.

Coaching has the wind in its sails

Completely oriented towards the results to achieve, the coaching is more and more popular within the companies to give their employees the opportunity to deal with change, to reveal their potential or to overcome a delicate situation. The method is strong, as well on a personal level as to bond teams, because it encourages the development of abilities, the adoption of new behaviours or the increase of performances.

Successful decision-making thanks to the assessment

The use of skills assessment techniques during a selection or to optimize internal competencies quickly permits to take the right decisions in an objective way. Furthermore, the assessment offers a constructive space of evaluation and development, which constitutes an important added value in the professional path of an employee, enabling him to project into the future.

The tailor-made philosophy

Regardless of the service chosen by our clients, our philosophy placing the human at the centre of all our actions is a guarantee of performance. Our consultants spare no effort to propose a tailor-made support, relying on specially selected tools, because at Oasys, every path is different and deserves all our attention, all our energy and our passion.


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