The management set up by Oasys Consultants to boost career transition shows results, excellent results, and everyone knows about that. The events organised by the company to congratulate candidates who found a job are always plenty of emotions and demonstrate the intensity of the tandem formed by the candidates and his consultant during the months of support. The thoughtful complicity between them is certainly a major point on the way of reconstruction.


A qualitative support

First of all, the success of the Oasys formula relies on the outstanding commitment of its consultants, on the core they put in carrying out their profession and on the quality of the method used.  They are all experienced and certified specialists with a large experience in the life of a business, but what makes the whole difference is the interest and the benevolence towards others, their career path and personal history. Because at Oasys, everything is taken into consideration, from the professional part to the personal and familial one.

Additional time

During their program, the candidates have the opportunity to make a skills assessment, enabling them to broaden their professional horizons and identify their deep aspirations. This essential step also gets them to fully enhance their experience, their competencies and specificities with respect to the job market’s requirements. In 90% of the cases, candidates obtain a fulfilling professional life, but it happens that some need more time, in that case Oasys has decided to give them time!

Fantastic results

To aim at a success rate of 100%, the company offers a space for exchanges to the candidates, beyond the support period, to allow them achieving their professional project. The commitment of Oasys even goes further, as those candidates continue benefiting from the support and professional coaching of a consultant, delivering his advices and encouragements. “And this shows results”, outlines Sediereh Peyamiras, Consultant, who also ensures the facilitation at the Lausanne office. “The candidates participate regularly in those weekly work groups in the Oasys premises, with 4 to 6 persons, and each time, an incredible energy emerges from the discussions, it is this energy that leads to results, because it maintains their motivation and their perseverance.

A helping group

Of course, the participant’s topics of discussion are confidential and sometimes very private, they will remain secret, this is part of the playing rules. Each in turn, evokes the steps of their applications, their job interview experiences, and also the difficulties, for example concerning negative replies which often make one feel under the weather. Each in turn, provides support to the others by listening and advising. The participants also exchange great tips and information on positions they have heard about through their network. Over the weeks, a real solidarity grows between them and often turns into friendship. It frequently happens that candidates meet privately in the margins of the Oasys work groups.

An emulation fo everybody

According to Sediereh Peyamiras, the formula is successful thanks to the participants who orchestrate the sessions themselves. They take initiative in choosing the topics they wish to raise or submit for approval. These privileged discussions turn out to be very efficient to maintain motivation and overcome critical stages. The effort made by Oasys is being rewarded as in the end, this helping structure enables the candidates a professional bounce. Each success is a source of a grand emulation within the group, and also for the Oasys teams.