Andrée Jodry

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Senior consultant

With 26 years of experience as an HR Assistant, Andrée was mainly in charge of the hiring of unqualified and semi qualified staff as well as the accompaniment of candidates on the margins of
society in their search for social and professional reintegration.

Andrée had already worked for Oasys Consultants when the company that employed her closed. She was in charge of the employment office set up as part of the redundancy plan. During these
months, in addition to the support she provided in the accompaniment, she co-animated the workshops on topics related to job search and personal development.

After obtaining her diploma of Coordinator in Professional Insertion in 2013 from Arpih of Yverdon, she acquired her first module of adult trainer (BFFA) as well as the Professional Coach certificate (accreditation with ICF in progress).

Convinced that each person has his or her own solutions, Andrée is happy to bring her enthusiasm and positive nature to her coaching.

Andrée is fluent in French, English and Italian.

She particularly enjoys human contact, travel and everything related to well-being.

Andrée collaborates with Oasys Consultants on specific missions of career transition.