Networking, sharing, exchanging

In this virtual « hyper connected » world we live in, twice a year, Oasys organizes a special day for the candidates, based on real encounters. It is an opportunity for them to mingle, to discuss their respective experiences and to participate in instructive workshops.

The seminar takes place in an idyllic location on the shore of Lake Leman, in the « Côte » region.

The day is punctuated by discussions about the employment market with the challenges that have to be faced by the candidates. They have the opportunity to address issues they are particularly concerned about and to ask questions to the speakers of the day, all active in the domain of recruitment and human resources in various companies of the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

When essential values remain intact

In a sometimes standardized work environment, this day is a nice life lesson for the candidates, valid and viable at all times: nothing emphasizes yourself as much as remaining true to yourself and to your values, particularly during an interview.

New technologies will never replace human beings; this is demonstrated by the success of the day.