Seven years of listening to a demanding clientele and growing from a small local company to an international interconnected one, enabled Oasys Consultants SA to establish a solid reputation and to become one of the most important actors in the  outplacement sector, within the French speaking part of Switzerland.  

20.07.2007 – 20.07.2014 – 7 years

All these small 7 crimped in the time: this was enough not to miss such an event! Furthermore, a symbolic number standing for knowledge and analysis, research and originality: valid reasons to emphasize the change of Oasys in its life cycle.

Jacques Bussy is guided by a clear vision: replace fundamental values related to each individual in the heart of outplacement activities.   He creates Oasys Suisse SA on the 20th of July 2007, an autonomous entity of Oasys France.

The learning transition

The Oasys slogan says « the learning transition ». All activities are based on the responsibility of the individual on his way of professional re-orientation as well as a result- orientated policy.

During seven years, there are no less than 1000 persons who found new perspectives thanks to high-level, personalised programs, adapted to each situation.

The 10 employees of Oasys Consultants SA as well as the associated consultants are motivated by the values of their company – very high service quality in relation to the results, commitment, kindness, generosity, passion. Today, they approach the next cycle at the service of outplacement with serenity and confidence.

By its approach and methods, Oasys demonstrates that performance and success are compatible with fundamental values in relation to the personal development of human beings.