24 June 2014

Newsletter 2 – 24.06.2014

Le réseau international d’Oasys Consultants: OI Global Partners
Oasys Consultants accroît sa présence internationale en devenant le partenaire exclusif d’OI Global Partners.
Un nom, OI GLOBAL PARTNERS : O comme Organizations, I comme Individuals.
Une signature de marque, Leading change for Organizations and Individuals, qui évoque un large éventail de possibilités pour les entreprises et les candidats, et qui …

19 June 2014

The employment market with its challenges – a seminar organized by Oasys for the candidates

Networking, sharing, exchanging
In this virtual « hyper connected » world we live in, twice a year, Oasys organizes a special day for the candidates, based on real encounters. It is an opportunity for them to mingle, to discuss their respective experiences and to participate in instructive workshops.
The seminar takes place in an idyllic location on the shore …

25 May 2014

Oasys Consultants : exclusive partner of the global network OI Global Partners

Oasys Consultants increases their international presence by becoming exclusive partner of OI Global. This partnership contributes to reinforce effectively the support of senior executives on an international basis. But not only.
Two organisations establish OI Global Partners
OI Global Partners – Organizations and Individual Global Partners – is born the 3rd of March 2014, thanks to the will of …