Marc Thorens

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Senior consultant

Born in Switzerland, Marc started his career as a professional photographer graduated from the Ecole de Photographie Créative de Lausanne. He spends 15 years teaching photography. His passion for the image gradually leads him to develop a great interest for the human being. He pursues his career in Human Resources and manages for more than 25 years different HR projects for several large multinationals. Since 2006, he has been using his knowledge of photography for humanitarian projects in collaboration with NGOs.

After 10 years in training, sourcing and recruitment, Marc is hired in 2010 as Human Resources Director in a major group leader in the maritime industry and implements a whole HR governance, supporting employees throughout their life cycle within the company.

A certified professional coach since 2004, he specializes in coaching executives and successfully accompanies them in their agile transformation projects. Adept of Situational Leadership, he enables many managers and executives to open up to new managerial approaches that promote the well-being of employees. Also focused on life and career transitions, he brings out solutions to enable the leaders he supports to start afresh on new personal and professional dynamics.

He pursues his personal development through tools such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TA (Transactional Analysis), PCE (Trusted Person in Business), mediation and hypnosis. He is also certified on the psychometric tool Insights MDI.

Fluently bilingual, French and English, Marc collaborates with Oasys Consultants on specific career transition assignments.